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What is Rentar Fuel Catalyst?
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A Fuel Catalyst that
helps diesel to burn more completely.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst is a fuel saving device for all diesel-powered heavy machinery & vehicles.
Fuel Saving

Rentar Fuel Catalyst enable better combustion of Diesel Fuel, hence, saving an average of 2% to 8% fuel consumption per machine/vehicle.

Improved Torque

With more complete fuel combustion, Rentar Fuel Catalyst improve output from engine, hence, improving torque.

Less Black Smoke.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst enable more complete fuel burnt, reducing any impurity in the exhaust.
As a result, no more black smoke !

No Maintenance Needed

One time installation. No maintenance required.

Rentar Fuel Catalyst works for life.

Compatible with all sized Diesel Engines


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