What is eQuine Wash ?

High performance Animal Shampoo

Made from 100% plant extracts

eQuine Wash penetrates deep to loosen and remove dirt, skin debris and ruff while gently cleaning the coat, mane and tail. Enhancing the coats natural colours and leave coat soft with a beautiful sheen

Perfect for

General Cleansing
Sun Burn
Mud foot
Summer Itch
Skin Allergies
Bug Bites
Why eQuine Wash?

Hypoallergenic Plant-based
High Performance Cleanser

Suitable for all animals

eQuine Wash plant-based formula is suitable for all animals, from horse to house pets.

100% Plant Based

Formulated from 100% North American plant extracts, eQuine wash is non-toxic, bio-degrable and allergen free!

No harsh chemicals

eQuine wash consist of no harsh chemicals, no allergens. 100% plant based formula for your animals..

Enhance coats colours

With most of the tough stain & dirt gone, your animals coats will be more vibrant than ever..

Softer & shinier

eQuine Wash penetrate deep into its coat, removing any dirt, skin debris and other nasty stuff.